Mattress Care


Congratulations on purchasing your new Royal Mattress set! We wanted to share a few tips about caring for your new mattress...because sleep is important.

Comfort: Remember to allow for an adjustment period to get use to sleeping on your new mattress since it may feel a little different than your old mattress that you were use to sleeping on.

Two-sided Construction: All Royal Mattresses feature two-sided construction which enables the mattress to be flipped, extending the life of the mattress 30-40% with less body impressions. Please make sure to flip and rotate your mattress every month for the first four months then every 3 months after that. Slight “body impressions” are normal especially on extra plush mattress surfaces.

Box Spring: Your new Royal box spring foundation was specifically built to work with your new Royal mattress and provide proper support and durability.

Bed Frame: Support your mattress with a good quality bed frame to keep it secure and in place. If you purchase a queen or king sized set, make sure the frame has a center support bar and leg support that will prevent bowing.

Moving: When moving your mattress in or out of a room be sure not to bend it or you could cause damage to the innerspring or create an uneven sleeping surface. You can flex your mattress a little to get through doorways. Also, if you carry your mattress upright it is easier to handle and less likely to get damaged.

Protect: Use a protective mattress pad to keep your set fresh and free of stains. Vacuuming is the recommended way to keep your set clean.

Support: When you use your Royal mattress with a Royal box spring and a good quality bed frame there is no need to put an additional board between the mattress and box spring.

Edge: If you sit on the edge of your mattress it is normal for there to be some crinkling of the side fabric.

Sheets: Make sure you purchase fitted sheets that really fit. If you purchased a pillow top mattress, you may need deep-pocket sheets that are designed for pillow top beds. Most major linen retailers offer deep-pocketed sheets to fit today’s thicker mattresses.

Law Label: Keep the law label on the mattress. It contains important manufacturing information about your mattress.